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Pro Arts Management & Consulting LLC thrives on the pillars of positivity, professionalism, quality, and a love of music.


Pro Arts grew from a passion to spread the power of the Arts through solid business practices and operations. With a deep understanding of both the music industry and the cutthroat nature of business, founders Drew and Erin Coles have created a strong, competitive organization in the entertainment industry.


Since its inception, Pro Arts has put an incredible amount of care in the selection of its employees, contractors, and other members of the team. Diversity is a key value at Pro Arts, and our employees come from a rich variety of higher education concentration backgrounds, including the fine and media arts, theatre, business, music composition, public relations, communications, education, and music performance - just to name a few! This invaluable diversity encourages Pro Arts to remain current, innovative, and flexible. 


The positivity, professionalism, quality, and love of music shared by all members of the Pro Arts team is what sets us apart, and allows us to continue to provide the best service within all of our divisions. 

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